Stop Hackers From Using Your Webcam To Spy On You!

Cover Your Camera When Not In Use!

Easy to open & close

Simple & Stylish


Protecting Everyone, Everywhere... One Webcam at a Time.

Hackers (even with limited skills) can use tools freely available in the dark/underground web to invade your privacy through cameras on your devices!

Protect your digital life by covering the camera when not in use to prevent anyone from spying on you.

Use SpyAvoid™ original covers on your phones, tablets, laptops & smart TV cameras, to protect yourself & loved ones from online security breaches.


Sleek, Simple & Stylish

Our ultra-slim minimalistic design is a simple & easy way to protect your privacy.

Easily adhered using self-adhesive that sticks firmly on your device. It does not leave any residue if you decide to remove the cover for any reason.

Our SpyAvoid™ covers are perfect gift to show someone that you care!


Ultra Slim Design ... Easy To Install

Protecting your privacy should not affect the look of your device. Our covers are made of durable material & compatible with most Apple, Android, and other mobile devices.

You can easily slide right/left to immediately show/hide the lens with one finger.

The round disk, slides within built-in tracks. It does not scratch or even touch your device surface.

SpyAvoid™ Webcam Covers

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