Do I really Need To Cover My Webcams?

Well… it depends on how seriously do you take your privacy?

The hacking tools required to hack into webcams are freely available in the dark/deep web. Almost accessible to anyone who wants to go that direction.

Few years ago, an Autistic young hacker was convicted (and jailed) after spying on 100 devices!

This tells you how easy it was for him to gain access to his victims’ devices, spying on them for up to one full year.

Unfortunately major device manufacturers are not putting much weight to this issue, because it costs too much to change/modify the outer shell design of their devices.

This leaves it up to endusers/consumers to manually cover the webcams when not in use.

When Can I Expect To Receive My Webcam Covers?

We ship most orders within 1-2 business days of order confirmation. Orders are shipped via CanadaPost and might take up to 1 week to reach you (depending on where you’re located).

Please do not panic if it does not show up immediately, it’s on its way 🙂

If you feel there’s an unusual delay, feel free to contact us & we’ll look into this for you.

Would The Webcam Cover Work on XYZ Device?

SpyAvoid webcam covers has been tested on many mobile devices, laptops & iPad models. However it wasn’t designed to fit on the back of smartphones with protruding cameras. In very rare cases it might cover light sensor on a cell phone as it was hard to make a design that fits 100% of all devices.

You Made a Mistake On My Order

We’re very sorry for that!

It doesn’t happen often, but nobody’s perfect. Please email us and we’ll work with you to make it right.

How Do I Return or Exchange My Item?

All orders are inspected before shipping. However, if you received a bad cover and/or if you’re unhappy with your purchase, we offer 30-day money back guarantee. Please email us and let us know what the problem is!

We can either send you a replacement unit or refund your order.